The Urban Forest.

The Urban Forest
8 x 10, Acrylic

I've been working with the idea of big city living and urban alienation recently, and this is the latest piece to come out of that.  Sometimes the city becomes an unfamiliar forest, easy to lose your way in.

Website Update!

Hey look, I updated my website!  Go there!


So, um.  I decided to get a blogger account.  I guess to get things rolling i'll just post my most recent project.  This is an information illustration based on word clouds.  I collected words used in signage at street level and compiled them into clouds, and then fit them into a map of the area i surveyed - in this case, Kensington Market in Toronto.

I'm currently screen printing this map, and will be selling it soon. 


If this isn't enough for you, you can always check out my website.  It has cool stuff too.