Adieu, Blogger.


I've gone and done it.

I'm happy to announce that I've given the ol' website a big overhaul, and completely moved it to a different host.  One...well, one that has a pretty decent blogging feature built in.

I'm going to leave this ol' warhorse up for folks to peruse, but all future blogposts will be found at https://davemurrayillustration.squarespace.com/blog/

Til we meet again!


The Word on the Street & more words!

Howdy folks!  It's been a while.

I'm really excited to finally be able to show this - the national artwork for The Word on the Street Festival. Living in Toronto, I've seen countless iterations of the festival posters over the years, and I'm thrilled to have been asked to do this year's artwork.

A big thanks for Alexandra Moorshead and Nicola Dufficy for their direction on this!

In other news - recently, I've become very interested in the art of hand lettering on windows, with an emphasis on gold leaf.  Here's some recent examples of what I've been doing!

There's some neat new stuff in the works, so keep your eyes peeeeeled!


Applied Arts, big in Norway, and Straaaaatford!

Hey gang!  Don't worry, dugout doodles will get back to it's regular schedule soon!  There's a lof of exciting stuff coming down the pipe, and here's some neat stuff that's come up:

1) Big news! I'm super honored to be selected for this year's Applied Arts Illustration Annual!  My "Porsche 550A" illo/screenprint was selected.  Very happy about this.

2) Along with that, my most recent cover for the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association came in the mail, and looks great.  It's always a pleasure working with Emma on these covers.

3) And, finally - I was recently in Stratford completing one of my type-based maps for the launch of this year's Stratford Festival! I got to spend a beautiful day in Stratford, and perhaps more importantly, was able to put my new GoPro camera to the test.  Things turned out fantastically, as I'm sure you'll agree:

More updates soon!


Dugout Doodle #9

Happy Monday, gang!  Here's Dugout Doodle #9, the Miami Marlins!


Dugout Doodle #8

Today's Dugout Doodle - the Arizona Diamondbacks.


Dugout Doodle #7

The cracked Liberty Bell of Philadelphia slides in as Dugout Doodle #7 for the Philadelphia Phillies.


Dugout Doodle #6

Dugout Doodle #6 - the Boston Red Sox.


Dugout Doodle #5

Hey gang!  Here's Dugout Doodle #5,  the Seattle Mariners!


Dugout Doodle #4

Up to bat for the Dugout Doodles, #4, The San Diego Padres!


Dugout Doodle #3

Here's Dugout Doodle #3, up to the plate - the home team here in Toronto, the Blue Jays!